The company was established in 1990 and is registered in compliance with the provisions of Decree 56 as a civil partnership. After the adoption of the Act of Commerce it became a general partnership. In 2019 the company was transformed by changing its legal form and currently its name is “ORION-5 VATRACHKI and SONS” LTD. Krasimir Vatrachki and Biser Vatrachki are the Managers of the company acting jointly and severally.

To carry out the contracted jobs we “ORION-5 Vatrachki & Sons” OOD have set up an adequate company structure, consistent with the various aspects of the company’s activities. The following specialized units are operating:

  • Design and consultative bureau;
  • Installation groups working on power supply projects and HV, MV and LW facilities;
  • Group for implementation of interior power supply solutions and structural wiring;
  • Authority for control and assessment of conformity in the field of electrical systems and facilities up to and above 1000 V;
  • Technical team providing 24-hour service and maintenance of transformer stations and adjacent MV and LV facilities

After 30 (thirty) years of experience, the company is specialized in the following fields:


Design and construction of electrical facilities

  • Electrical substations and transformer towers;
  • Structural cable networks and systems – low, medium and high voltage (up to 110 kV);
  • Low, medium and high voltage overhead lines (up to 110 kV);
  • Emergency power supply systems with an automatic transfer switch;
  • Supply and installation of diesel generators;
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems;
  • Lighting systems, site and street lighting;
  • Setting up of cable routes and power supply of power consumers;
  • Protective grounding systems and lightning protection systems;
  • Power supply systems in residential, public and industrial buildings, incl. fire-alarm systems, video surveillance, security and access control systems;
  • Complete engineering, design and construction of solar PV power plants (PV PP);
  •  Research and analysis of electrical power industrial projects with network recorder and development of engineering solutions for optimization: Analysis of the quality of electrical power in industrial and other facilities, according to the standard BDS EN 50160:2010 and a methodology approved by the WERC; Determination of the nature of the loads and construction of  packaged condenser units for optimization of the network parameters, in terms of achieving a target power factor (cos φ); Measuring  the power and offering an energy balance for cost optimization.

Consultancy services

  • Feasibility study and provision of engineering services;
  • Processing papers and arranging the accession of new users to electricity distribution companies;
  • Engineering – from the basic engineering phase, technical project and investment project.

Warranty and subscription maintenance, emergency repairs of power supply systems and equipment -medium and low voltage

  • The company has concluded contracts and provides services for subscription maintenance of transformer stations and their adjacent facilities – medium and low voltage, as well as of building indoor power supply systems.
  • Subscription maintenance of transformer stations. The subscription maintenance includes carrying out all statutory and regulated activities: scheduled inspections, regular preventive activities and testing of electrical equipment.
  • Thermal imaging and issue of survey reports;
  • 24/7 emergency service of the facilities and equipment;
  • Emergency localization and repair of cable failures in low and medium voltage networks.

Type "C" Control authority

Since July 2010 a type “C” control authority – “ORION 5 – LAB”, accredited by the Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Office” is operating within the company, specialized in the control of electrical  facilities and equipment up to and over 1000 V.

Controlled parameters:

  • Circuit impedance “phase – protective conductor” and “phase – neutral”;
  • FI circuit breakers for safety shut-down (residual current circuit breakers), actuation power, shutdown time, contact voltage, protective grounding resistance;
  • Resistance of lightning protection systems;
  • Resistance of protective earthing systems;
  • Resistance of cables and conductors insulation;
  • Insulation of conductors (busbars) with a rated voltage up to 20 kV, through control with increased voltage with industrial frequency 50 Hz to 50 kV; Insulation of power cable lines up to 20 kV, through control with increased constant voltage.


  • ORION-5 Vatrachki & Sons OOD offers you an integrated service with guaranteed quality;
  • We offer you equipment with a high level of security;
  • We will complete your project within short time and with required warantee;
  • Expert assistance in legal paperwork and commissioning;
  • You will be provided with all the documents and test reports needed during the construction;
  • The warantee includes 24-hour maintenance and equipment in stock;
  • Subscription service, ensuring trouble free operation at your facilities.